I haven’t been here in a while…for whatever reason people objected to the fact that I went on Instagram…i can’t seem to understand why


Disco Silly

Silver stones the pain is excruciating..the physical..the metal..&the inconceivable..I’ve turned a blind eye because I just wanted to grow old with you..but instead of sitting&rocking with you..I’m growing mold in all the wrong places

It foes

It doesn’t seem to matter what I say or what I do..the word love has been miss an old bone that lost its flavor all that matters is the marrow and I’ll never be able to get to a bone..i’ll keep chewin..for in my mind the taste that once was…will still be


I’m havin a hard time..too much dead seas wasn’t suppose to be.. but nevertheless..its not a celebration…the shores are covered with dead fish…its a wake before the try to save as much as you can… as the body of the ocean twists&turns…so does what’s a wake the taste buds to remember the sweet..let us come…take us to the waters..wash our bodies with it…wild are these..again&again