Chuck’s Roast

I will not aloud you to make me your beast of burden..where your inferiority becomes my complex..for 15yrs it’s been that way where my behaviour becomes a question of balance..I will never back down just because you going 40 miles an hour comes right out of the book of aggressive driving…your Maria is not better than my Sheldon in me

Over Worked

i’m having trouble understandin…even though the fine print was having trouble understanding with the constant eye rolling as though you were action figure..wanting to be played..i having trouble understanding why after all years our love has be an after taste…the kind you don’t want to.. I’m tryin to understand the ships course are more than just waves ..i’m tryin to remember those nights in the kitchen that was in the church where your green eyes met how it got made..and the words were written…all the while you never asked what those words truly just gazed at them and said when will i write them again

Take 1

I feel like touching the sky is no longer an not feelin the love in the words..the hot cup of once all over now…my knees are jelly…my confidence is a get roll playin with out love is nub

Texas Toast

I have this ringing in my ears that is driving up one wall and down the left is completely heard me I can’t hear a right side is doing all the by one there are falling soldiers..they die by..not..they die
lives are lost